Green Sanctuary - Environmental Justice

Green Sanctuary

Working toward a world that is sustainable and just for humanity and for the whole web of life, including present and future generations

Green Sanctuary provides a roadmap for our church to rise to the crisis of Climate Change. Our objective is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and help the community adapt to the effects of man-made environmental changes. We deliberately seek ways to promote transformative solutions in our church and wider community, prioritize collaborative partnerships, and focus on the inclusion of low and moderate-income households.

Starting in 2023, we initiated two campaigns:


  • Learn why plant-based, whole foods are both healthy and better for the environment as well as how to cook them deliciously.
  • Reduce food waste by composting. (Goal = 80% of our congregants)
  • Support local agriculture. (Goal = become a pick-up location for Levo Int. CSA)


  • Reduce the carbon footprint of our church building. (Goal = TBD)
  • Encourage congregants to get an energy audit for their homes and benefit from state rebates. (Goal = 80% of our congregants)
  • Assist low and moderate income households to get an energy audit and benefit from the enormous number of free or drastically discounted energy solutions.

We have formed a strong partnership with the Interreligious Eco-Justice Network (IREJN).  In 2022, we hosted two webinars together.  One taught about Legislative Advocacy and the Power of People.  The other was focused on promoting the initiative that brought 35 electric school buses to CT the year before.

In 2023, we have been chosen by IREJN as one of 25 faith communities in Connecticut that will receive guidance on the use of a professionally prepared kit to promote and publicize our energy efficiency campaign.  Together with other churches and synagogues, the Universalist Church will be promoting an energy campaign that will change the cost of energy for thousands of families.  Together, we will bring clean and comfortable homes to Connecticut while reducing greenhouse gases.

More information about Green Sanctuary can be found on the UUA website or by emailing