T. L. Hine, Director of Music

T. L. Hine, Director of MusicThe music program at the Universalist Church is led by Theodore L. Hine, our Director of Music. Mr. Hine has been a member of the staff at the Universalist Church since 2008; he administers the large and vibrant music program, accompanies worship services on the piano and the organ, and directs all of the adult ensembles (the Universalist Church Choir, Bell Choir, Jazz Ensemble, etc.). Mr. Hine also serves as the Resident Composer for the congregation and frequently composes new works and arrangements for the church's musical ensembles. 

Mr. Hine is a published composer and multifaceted performer. He is active in the field of new music as a composer, a keyboardist, a saxophonist, a conductor and an impresario. Mr. Hine is also a freelance recording engineer, a music engraver, a piano tuner, and a private music teacher. He received his A.B. cum laude in music from Harvard College and his M.Mus. from the San Francisco Conservatory of Music. 
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