Membership Matters

Membership in The Universalist Church is a caring partnership in which there is much to gain and much to give.  Our members participate fully in the life of the church and support its ministry, its mission, and each other.  

As members, we share all of our gifts – our time, our talents, and our financial support - to create this thriving, inspirational community. Those gifts are returned to us in so many ways. Here in this home that we have built together, there are opportunities for personal growth, learning, sharing, fellowship, service, social action, and much more. 

When you become a member, you become a part of the strong foundation that makes all of our programs possible. Our membership and our support reflects how much we value the work and the life of this wonderful church home. 

Sign our Membership Book
On special days throughout the year, we welcome our newest members at our Sunday worship service, where you will add your signature to our membership book. If you'd like to join us and participate in this special celebration, please contact Lisa Sgamboti at the church office: 

Lisa Sgamboti
Church Administrator
Phone: 860-233-3669