Annual Giving

We're building a community that reflects our values. 

Exciting things are happening on Fern Street.  We're working together to create a vibrant, welcoming church community that nourishes the spirit and puts faith into action.  As we prepare for a settled minister, we're embracing the opportunity to reflect, recharge, and re-imagine. We're blending new ideas with treasured traditions. We're expanding our programs and strengthening our outreach. And we're doing it together, with unprecedented volunteerism and strong leadership.  

This wonderful church on Fern Street has sustained us for generations. Now is the time to build on that foundation with big dreams and open hearts. Join us as we build our community of love. 

2017 Annual Giving CampaignTHE 2017 ANNUAL GIVING CAMPAIGN

Each fall, we ask our members to pledge financial support for the coming year.  Please give as generously as your circumstances allow. 

Your Pledge
reflects what our Universalist Church community is worth to you and your family. 

Your Pledge is a promise upon which our leadership and staff can plan with confidence. Our church is self-funded by its members and friends. Pledges are the main source of support for our church facilities and programs. 

Your Pledge strengthens our calling to a shared ministry. You belong to a community with a long history of lovingly supporting each other.  We must remain relevant and vibrant in an ever changing world. 

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  1. Why is making a pledge important?  The church is self-funded by its members and friends. Only a small portion of our annual income comes from rental fees and donations for use of our building space.  The Annual Giving Campaign is the primary fundraising effort that sustains the Congregation, our programs and services to the community. We set our budget based on the pledges received from our members and friends. The church belongs to each of us.
  2. When should I make my pledge?  Now. The pledge campaign runs from late September to early November. During that time, it is hoped that you will pledge (i.e., make a promise) to give your chosen amount during the next calendar year.  If you have not received a pledge form in the mail or if you have misplaced it, you can download a pledge form. Your form can be mailed to the church office or dropped off at the church at Sunday services. On the form, you will choose the amount and schedule of pledge payments and the method that you wish to use to pay your pledge. Regardless of how you submit your pledge, we need to hear from you before December 31. If you have any questions, contact the church administrator at 860-233-3669, ext. 106, or email
  3. Can I just give money to the church without pledging?  Of course, and your donations are needed and appreciated! But only with financial pledges can our church depend on how much income it will have to cover our programs and expenses. 
  4. I’m worried that my financial situation will worsen this year. What if this happens? Changing financial situations are a fact of life.  If your circumstances change, simply contact the minister or the church administrator. This is a confidential activity. We care about your situation.
  5. How much should I give?  Consider your values, your commitment, your income and your needs. Then give as generously as you can! We have prepared a suggested guide for giving to help you. Whatever the size of your contribution, it will be greatly appreciated.  Only together can we keep our church a strong and vibrant community.