Men's Group

Men's Group Outings

Open to all men who are members or friends of the church. The group meets monthly for about 90 minutes. After “checking in” and sharing highlights of the past month, the men explore a topic selected by the facilitator of the month. Often these topics are prompted by ideas and suggestions at previous meetings. Topics range widely: religion, values and ethical issues, family and generational issues, social policy, to name a few. In a single evening, the conversation can range from analytic and serious to light hearted. 

It is an opportunity for men to share ideas, experiences, and feelings on a deep and personal level with other men in a supportive and accepting environment. Many members have noted that the meetings provide a rare and rewarding opportunity for men to delve beneath the usual “male” topics of hobbies and sports. The group provides a chance to get to know other men on a deeper level than is usually possible.

The group also does other activities during the year. There are one or two hikes each year and an annual picnic. In the coming year, there may also be an outing to a sports event. The annual Men’s Retreat is a popular getaway.

The monthly meetings are held in the church parlor from 7:30 to 9:00 on the fourth Tuesday of the month. Look for announcements of the meetings and other events in the monthly calendar and the Weekly E-News. 

For more information, contact:
Dick Sederquist   860-632-0278