Fern Street Film Series

Ansel Adams documentary at the Universalist Church

Our next film:

Ansel Adams
A Documentary Film by Ric Burns

Friday, June 7 

7 PM 
In the Program Center

We’ll finish this year’s film series by returning to the theme of our interconnection with the natural world.

This is the intimate portrait of a great artist and ardent environmentalist -- for whom life and art, photography and wilderness, creativity and communication, love and expression, were inextricably connected. This beautiful documentary tells the story of Ansel Adams’ life, while also illuminating the history and meaning of photography and the importance of art in our lives. It's inspirational both visually and mentally; a very humanistic look into who Ansel Adams was as a child, a man, a husband, pianist, and photographer.. Director Ric Burns shot portions of the film in the same landscapes that were the settings for Adams' most iconic images. Said Burns, "to get to the heart of what so inspired Ansel Adams, we literally followed in his footsteps. We lugged our cameras up sheer rock faces and hiked the winding trails that led Ansel to his photographic revelations. And they led us to Ansel.”

No reservations needed. Bring a simple snack or beverage (alcoholic or non), for yourself, and to share with others, if you chose. There will be an opportunity for discussion afterwards. For more information, call Anne Bailey 860-379-7740.