Educational Programs


To register for our Religious Education programs, download our REGISTRATION FORM and return it to us. 

Tips for Starting the Church Year 

There is always a mixture of excitement, anticipation and anxiety that comes with the new school year. This also applies to Religious Education. Here are some thoughts on how you can have a fulfilling church school year. 

  • Make a commitment to regular attendance now. Children who attend regularly feel more connected to each other, to their teachers, and to our church. Set your schedule now with the understanding that you will be attending weekly. 
  • Be a role model for your children by volunteering in our program. Children are aware and can sense your level of investment. We can always use more teachers. 
  • Set the expectation early. By making it clear that attendance at RE is not an optional activity, it will show your children that this is something you value. 
  • Remind them of the things they enjoyed last year. Have a conversation with your children about fun things at church on Sun-day. 
  • Encourage connections outside of Sunday morning. Talk with other parents and set up times for your children to see each other during the week. 
  • Do the same for YOU! Attend special events, concerts and other programming and have fun! 
  • Get to church early on Sunday. It is helpful for children to have some time to transition. Give them and yourself, the time to get parked and into the building before joining other children or youth. 
  • Stick around for all the fun things that happen after church. This is a ideal time for your children to become more relaxed and engaged in the community. 
  • Share what you love. Invite friends and family to come be part of our church family. There is always room for more. 
  • Bring your ideas. We are venturing into a new phase, some things are going to change, and others are not. Keep an open mind and heart and share your thoughts.