Educational Programs

Educational Programs

Here at the Universalist Church, our children grow up in a kind and loving community that encourages discovery, creativity, and individual expression. Our young people are surrounded by supportive peers and adults who model the Unitarian Universalist values we cherish. 

We offer many opportunities for learning, sharing, and service, from our religious education classes to a wide variety of family-friendly activities. 

Our Goals:

  • To create community
  • To explore spirituality
  • To seek personal truths
  • To reach out to friends in the church school and to those in the wider world in need of assistance
  • To be guided by love 

 What greater ideals can we offer our young people than those of peace, love, and service?

What We Teach

Through a vibrant mix of activities, discussions, and service projects, we encourage our young people to learn, share and connect with each other and the world around us. 

Our educational curriculum is developed by our Religious Education department using resource materials from the Unitarian Universalist Association. 

Our youngest children focus on treating one another kindly and learning what it means to be part of a Unitarian Universalist community. Older children and teens explore Unitarian Universalism, Judaism, Christianity, and other world religions as they discover their own truths and spirituality.

How We Teach

Our teaching extends from the classroom to the community with our “Connections” service projects. Our young people actively support schools and agencies both near and far with books and school supplies, warm clothing, food and more.

 We believe family is central to the vibrancy of our church school. So while our programming is directed by our Religious Education Department, our classes are led by parents who volunteer as teachers. 

Each class is led by a team of parents who share teaching duties. We work on a rotating schedule that acknowledges our busy lives. Prior teaching experience is not required.

Our age-appropriate curriculum is compiled by our Director of Religious Education, working closely with parents. 

Parents also play a key role by assisting with social action projects, special events and group activities for children and teens.

Our Director

Lily Rappaport brings nearly twenty years of experience working both as a volunteer and as a professional in Unitarian Universalist congregations. She is passionate about UU identity with a focus on creating beloved community and a special place for each child, youth, and adult, especially during the time of great transitions.

She has previously served as Acting Director of Religious Education with a Unitarian church in White Plains, NY.  

As our Interim Director, Lily is responsible for the curriculum and the operations of the Church School. She is also helping our congregation prepare for new settled leadership in the RE program in the next year or so.