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Meet our Board of Trustees

 Board of Trustees     
Our Board of Trustees with Rev. Dr. Adam Robersmith
Left to right: Jon Wheeler, Iradj Mehrmanesh, Jim Gregory, Rev. Adam,   
Hannah Sullivan, Linda Miron, Tracey Wilson, Jeff Tyler.  

Tracey Wilson, Moderator   
I am in the third year of my term on the Board. I joined the church in 1987 and raised my two sons Peter and Adam in the church. They were dedicated here, went through church school and both were active in the Youth Group. I served in positions related to Social Justice and the Board of Education. I married my wife Beth Bye here in 2006. More recently I have been involved with three mission trips - in D'Iberville Mississippi, in New York City and in Hartford. The church as sanctuary and the church as a center of social responsibility play important roles in my involvement here. traceymwilson@gmail.com

Jon Wheeler, Moderator
Hello and thank you for being curious about our church and its leadership. My wife Nan and I joined The Universalist Church in 1993, attracted by the beautiful sanctuary, inspiring sermons, uplifting music and the education program which guided the thoughtful development of our three children’s religious development. What was true twenty years ago and is still true today is our very deep sense of community and commitment to each other as we travel the many stages and important moments of our life’s journey. I have taught, served on task forces and boards, participated in numerous small groups and have “rolled up my sleeves” in many church activities over the years and I’m thrilled to serve with Tracey as Co-Moderator of our governing board. Reach out if you have any questions or ideas…I’d love to hear from you.  jpwheeler24@aol.com

Iradj (Raj) Mehrmanesh    
I have been a happy member of the Universalist Church of W.H. since 1978. I have had a son and a daughter grow up in the church school and Youth Group here. My daughter was the first “live” baby Jesus in the Christmas Pageant as I played Joseph! I taught World Religion to 4th graders for 10 years and was a parent advisor to the Youth Group for 8 years. I live in Farmington and in the past, I have served as the Vice President of the Congregation and chaired the Personnel committee for several years. More recently, I served on the Strategic Planning Committee and the Membership sub-group for 2 years and the Stewardship Committee for one year. I am a member of the Men’s group and have been in many Small Group programs. Currently, I serve as one of the representatives on the Policy Board. iradj99@gmail.com

Linda Miron  
I have been a member of the First Universalist Church of West Hartford for over 20 years. My husband Tom Binder and I joined when we moved to West Hartford and have since raised our three children – Jake, Sarah, and Molly Binder – in the church. Since I was raised in the U-U faith, I grew up attending the UU church in Chelmsford, Ma, Tom and I were married in the UU church in Rockport, Ma, and I attended the UU church occasionally when I was in college in Providence, RI. I am an English teacher and this is my 22nd year teaching at Simsbury High School. I was a Sunday School teacher in our Religious Education Program for many years while my children were growing up, although more recently my focus has been in helping to create and execute hands-on service projects involving our children through the Connections Team. I’m excited to fill the vacancy on the Policy Board in order to help the church in a new capacity since my children are aging out of the Religious Education Program.  tomlinda3@comcast.net

Jim Gregory      
Hello good people of this Church.  I married Cyndi Coia in 1996; we moved to West Hartford in '97; started attending this Church the following year.  Rev. Stephen noticed we were regulars, so we readily took his advice to become members.  Our daughter Katherine was dedicated by Rev. Jean.  And yes, we portrayed the Holy Family in the Pageant (Dec. of 2000).  I went on to serve multiple terms as a Deacon, and have taught RE classes ever since Katherine enrolled.  Immediately after  Rev. Jan's farewell I led two Sunday services.  I regularly enjoy the camaraderie of our volunteers at the Foodshare truck. 

My college degree is in Philosophy.  While I continue to lead discussion groups, I make my living as a dance caller.  In the late 1980's I even served as staff member/dance teacher at Rowe Camp.  I feel very much at home with the UU approach to life and spirituality.  And I value the good people I get to meet here.  jimgregory26@sbcglobal.net

Jeff Tyler    
My wife, Janice Oliveri, and I came to this church because we wanted our children to grow up in a community that allowed them to learn that good people can come together to do good things.  We have been members for about 4 years. My family and I stay at this church because we have found a home here.  We have found fellow members who keep their minds open to new ideas, both intellectually and spiritually, and willingly share their thoughts, but can do so without judgment. 

I have a PhD in Ecology and Animal Behavior, but today work part-time from home and mostly serve as the family’s stay-at-home parent.  Janice has an MD with a specialty of Internal Medicine and works at UConn Medical Center in Farmington. We have two children, Jack (age 12) and Annie (age 9).   jeffrey.a.tyler@me.com 

Hannah Sullivan  hannah.b.wilkinson@gmail.com